Best Apps For Video Conferencing

Best video conferencing apps

Video Conferencing and Needs In this tech world, we all are aware of conference voice calls, and some also about conference video calls. In this lockdown situation when we are all shut in our homes, we are unable to meet people physically. But today I will let you know about some best video conferencing apps so you can easily connect to people, colleagues, business partners, family, friends, and new people also. Now you all must have a question how? How we can connect with people virtually? How to do a…

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Introducing Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition

Collaboration Of Two Companies Though it is a collaboration of two companies namely Thom Browne and Samsung it is not limited to this. Because in this device we could see how both the companies merge their fashion and technology innovations.  Thom Browne is a famous New York fashion designer and the collaboration between Thom Browne and Samsung is really special, in his interview, Thom Browne also said: “In the look of the phone, I wanted people to see my world“. Sound’s great that it is actually a special edition going…

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